Kitty Café at Oconee County Library


Kittens and little children. Imagine them under the same roof, better yet the same room.

The Oconee County Library hosted the Kitty Cat Café where the Athens Area Humane Society brings cats – big and small to interact with young kids after school.

Leah Trotter, the Communications and Outreach Specialist at the Athens Humane Society says that the cats have received socialization and they have a lot of fun at these types of events.

Leah’s daughter attends story-time at the library and she thought that it would be a good idea to promote animal adoption.

“Kids learn about cats and how to act around them…not everyone has cats at home so it’s a nice way experience animals and animals make everyone happy.”

Rebecca, the children’s librarian at the Oconee County Library said her ultimate purpose for the event was to bring kids to the library.

“They can explore our cat books, have fun snacks and have a good time making crafts.”

The Oconee County Library had a great turnout, with about 75 participants in total. They plan on making the Kitty Cat Café an annual event.


By Brandi PattersonPIC_0189

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