Gurley Community Service Punishment Rare but Mild


UGA running back Todd Gurley must complete 40 hours of community service and donate money to charity to be allowed back on the football field. Gurley remains suspended for receiving $3,000 from memorabilia dealers.

Community service isn’t a consequence that the NCAA delivers often, but it has been in their reinstatement guidelines since 2000.

Just last season, Florida basketball player Chris Walker was suspended 12 games for taking impermissible benefits. He had to pay back $270 and serve 80 hours of community service.

Before this season, community service was used more as an alternative to a suspension.

But on August 1, 2014, the NCAA updated their reinstatement guidelines to allow them to sentence athletes to suspension AND community service. According to the NCAA’s numbers, Gurley should actually have to complete 80 hours of service. UGA’s cooperation with the investigation reduced Gurley’s punishment by half.

UGA is appealing the decision and the NCAA will review the case within the week.

“We’ll just keep practicing, keep focusing on Florida and just kinda wait and see,” said Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt.

Right now, the next time we can expect to see No. 3 on the field again is in the Auburn game November 15th.

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