Tuesday “Mock Show” – Sept30-2014


This is the first “mock show” newscast produced by the Tuesday class of the pre-Newsource, Tele-5570 program.

The approach to the program is different this semester. The students work in teams of three — a producer position, an anchor position and a reporter position. Each team is responsible for producing an entire segment of the newscast.

There are normally five segments in a newscast — an “A block or 1st block, “B” block or block 2, “C” block or block 3, “D” block or block 4 and a final “E” block, sometimes called the “kicker” block.

Each team will then produce three to four stories on a topic. The first story will be the “package” – the reporter voiced and produced report. The second, third, and possibly fourth, stories will be either–

“Readers” – stories in which the anchor speaks on camera.

“Voice Overs” – stories in which the anchor appears briefly on camera but then talks “over” the video which is shown on the screen.

“VO-SOT’s” — Voice Over into Sound On Tape or “soundbite.” The anchor talks ‘over’ the video and then a person who was interviewed and recorded earlier will appear on screen talking.

The newscasts are recorded to a video server at the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. They are then ‘archived.’ Those archived newscasts are then uploaded to YouTube, and then the YouTube video is embedded into this website where the students friends and family can view their work.

We encourage people to watch these and offer comments. The comments will be moderated.

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