Animal Protection Sites Urge Adoption of Strays During Winter


stray adoption

People aren’t the only ones trying to stay warm this winter. Some animal protection sites are urging people to take in stray animals during cold days.

Amelia Hasbun adopted a stray dog to keep her from suffering in the cold temperatures. Eve, the black Labrador retriever, could have become a stray after being rejected from a Seeing Eye Dog program due to a skin infection, but Hasbun jumped at the chance to bring her home.

“Keeping animals out in the cold should be considered animal cruelty,” Hasbun says.

Animal protection agencies like Care2Care and Ally Cat Allies are urging people like Hasbun to take in strays by releasing photos of the animals.

Dr. Ira Roth, the Director of UGA’s Vet Clinic, says taking in stray animals could be dangerous. If the stray is infected with rabies, there is a 98% chance of death for anyone who comes in contact with the animal.

“If you are one of the unfortunate souls to contract rabies then you’re generally gonna die,” Roth says.

If you find a stray animal, make sure you take these precautions before bringing it in to your home:

  • Take the animal to a veterinarian
  • Feed the animal from afar
  • Make sure they get vaccinated

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