UGA students help ‘kids be kids’ with Camp Kesem


Students at the University of Georgia are helping children of cancer patients work through grief.

While still developing socially and emotionally, these children are seeking attention from someone, and Camp Kesem it wants to make sure these children get that.

The name of the camp comes from the Hebrew word “Kesem,” which means magic.

The organization holds a free summer camp for children whose parents were diagnosed with cancer. Ethan Gallagher is the public relations and marketing coordinator for the organization. He said has a very special reason for joining.

“I’m involved because I love it, it’s fun,” Gallagher said. “And my dad was diagnosed with cancer when I was in the seventh grade.”

For Ayla Tribble, Dec. 3 was the two-year anniversary of her god father’s death from leukemia. She said she is happy  there are groups like Camp Kasem to help children deal with such tragedies.

“I think it’s a great organization,” she said. “I think it really helps to have kids have somewhere to turn to when they’re going through these hard times that really affect their families.”

This summer, the group has one mission — that’s to focus on the children.

“Often its always how’s your mom, how’s your dad, and the psychological burden that has on them really kind of strips them of their childhood,” Gallagher said. “So that’s kind of our goal is to let kids be kids.”

Reported by Kevni Woodside

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