Plasma Donation


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Plasma donation is becoming an easy way in Athens to make a fast buck. Around 200 people visit the Biotest Plasma Center in downtown Athens daily to donate their plasma to people in need. Plasma is the part of our blood that contains the nutrients. These nutrients are used to make medicines such as immunoglobulin for people who are immuno deficient. Donors are compensated for their time with Citi Bank debit cards that increase in amount the more you donate.

Shelby Walker, a first time donor, plans to donate twice a week. That is the maximum amount the plasma center allows someone to donate. In order to become a donor, one must be evaluated during a physical exam, have their iron level tested, and answer a series of questions.

Plasma donation is essential because it is a bodily substance that cannot be recreated. It helps save the lives of others who would otherwise not be able to have the correct medication.

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