Blood Battle – UGA vs Auburn Edition


All week long, the Red Cross teams of the University of Georgia and Auburn University have set up blood drives on their respective campus’s to drive the number of donations and save lives too. Here at UGA, many different groups have stepped up to help, such as the UGA Rugby squad. The two schools are competing for bragging rights and a shiny trophy, as well as trying to save lives in a time with unusually low blood donations being received.


Though blood donations keep coming through, some people still aren’t eligible for blood donation. In December, the FDA changed the lifetime ban of homosexual men giving blood, to a one-year ban without sexual contact. Though the switch is a step in the right direction, one UGA student explains why gays still stay away from the blood drives.


Gay men aren’t the only ones kept away from the blood drives. People with low iron, certain ages and extreme weights struggle to pass the donation test.


We’ll keep you posted, coming up later tonight! Reporter Katya Riedlinger is dedicated to the report, and showed her blood to prove it!



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