Pollen in Athens at seasonal high


Story Highlights

    • The pollen in Athens is at an alarming high due to weather conditions.


    • Some people new to the area adjust well to the pollen, but some react severely.


    • Conditions do not appear to be improving in the near future.


    • Residents should use medications responsibly. Visitors and newcomers can consume local honey to get acclimated to local pollen.


It’s springtime in Athens! This also means that it’s pollen-time.

The pollen concentration is at an extreme high this spring, mainly due to the warm, moist conditions and fast transition from winter to spring. Reporter Savannah Brock spoke with two Athens residents and UGA students about their experiences with the pollen. One student’s allergies got better, but the other’s got much worse.

Stay tuned to find out more about the outlook for pollen in Athens for the season ahead, and what you can do to protect yourself from severe allergies.

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