Brett Homer

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I’ve been a sports guy ever since I could walk. I loved being active and being outside playing sports like baseball, golf, football, or soccer. My mom said when I was little I would watch my dad play golf and try to play too. IMG_3409She said when I was two, I would run around the kitchen with a feather duster hitting a whiffle ball trying to imitate Tiger Woods. So when I turned three, my dad took me to a local golf store and got a 5-wood, 8-iron, and a putter cut down for me to use. I still carry the 5-wood and the 8-iron in my bag to show people how long I’ve been playing golf. It is also a fun trick when I can get down on my knees and land it on a par three.

But I realized my true passion was in baseball, and with a last name like Homer I thought that baseball was my real calling in life. In following my passion of baseball and sports, I decided to attend an all-boys Catholic high school in the neighboring city of La Canada. Throughout high school I played baseball and got highly involved in our school’s sports medicine program. During the fall when I wasn’t in completely immersed in the baseball season, I worked as the head student trainer for our football team. I wish I could have played football, but due to a minor heart abnormality I didn’t play. Being on the sidelines next to my friends with sports medicine team though was very fulfilling.

When I realized baseball probably would not work out in the long run, I looked at universities that shared my passion for sports. Even though there are many schools in California that could give me a quality education, I felt the University of Georgia was the place for me.

Originally I wanted to pursue Athletic Training with my Sport Management degree, but after visiting the broadcast both during a Braves game freshman year, I discovered a new path to the front office of a Major League Baseball team. After that I added Digital and Broadcast Journalism to my Sport Management degree.

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