City Hall vote: Food trucks versus restaurant owners


Saphir Grici and other food truck owners are fighting back against pressures on their business operations.

Athens Mayor Nancy Denson and the board of commissioners voted to delay the decision on October 6 that would have allowed food trucks to operate downtown. Following the decision, Grici joined onto a petition that would allow vendors to sell food from Thursdays until Friday at 2:30 a.m. Pressure came from restaurant owners who fear increased competition would take away from their business.

Saphir said he supports local restaurants and sees food trucks as an additional option for consumers.

“I don’t believe in competition,” he said. “I believe in collaboration.”

Rolling Runway, a mobile boutique seeking to operate under the proposed city ordinance, started the petition to raise awareness.

“[F]ood trucks and other mobile retailers have proven to have a positive influence on local economies, driving traffic to downtown businesses,” the petition states.

Nearly 200 people have already signed the petition, but Grici said he is seeking a total of 1,000 signatures before presenting it at the next city council meeting on November 3.


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