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“You already are who you are searching to be.” -Unknown

Peopl840e often wonder how such a voice exists within such a small individual. No one could believe that with just seeing Jazmine Calhoun, she would have so much to say and she is not easily ignored. Relatives from her childhood remember her growing up as the compassionate, natural leader. It was not strange to see 6 year old Jazmine create, organize, and execute all of her older, adolescent cousins into playing games.

Through the years, this skill set developed into a natural passion with working with people.

Jazmine Calhoun spent most of her childhood bouncing between the home of her mother and her father alongside her younger brother and older sister. After leaving her father’s home in the Arkansas ghetto to live with her military mother in Texas. With her siblings, she constantly moved around without staying in one place for more than 2 years. During her elementary school years, she attended 6 different elementary schools. She does not shy away from change or diversity and learn to quickly adapt to her surroundings. The ultimate move occurred in 2004 when she joined her father in Germany to spend the entirety of her high school years.

In 2010, Jazmine graduated from Hohenfels American High School as Salutatorian of her graduating class and still remembers physically shaking delivering the commencement speech. By the time she exited the stage, she knew that she wanted to be on-camera. After returning to the states, Jazmine realized the importance of telling stories, especially for those who feel voiceless. As a divorced child, she experience this feeling often and feels it is her job in life to prevent this feeling from happening to anyone else. From this mentality, Jazmine grew a passion for media narration and helping others tell their story.

She is currently a senior at the University of Georgia and serves as the president of the National Association of Journalists.

“Television and now the Internet are the most powerful mediums known to man. I want to use these as instruments to give knowledge back to people through real-life stories.”


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