After-School Help for Kids


Whether it’s playing basketball or board games – at risk youth in Athens are making the Thomas Lay Recreational Center a hot spot. Volunteers are not only helping students with their homework, but also are giving kids a place to have fun while they wait for their parents. From 2:30 – 5:30 p.m. every weekday, the Thomas Lay After-School Program helps kids to stay ahead in their classes. College volunteers are creating an environment for everyone to have fun – after the hard work is done. The first hour is spent doing homewafter schoolork and once they’ve finished, students are able to participate in any of the different activities planned for the day.

Many of the volunteers are UGA Education Majors. Being a part of this program not only allows them to practice for their future careers, but gives them the chance to really make a difference in these kids’ lives. Henry Devereux, the program coordinator with ACC Leisure Services, says that he knows “from experience that if these kids did not have this program, they wouldn’t be doing their homework – and if they don’t do their homework they’d get behind and it’s a snowball effect”.

In addition to helping the youth, Lay Park also has activities for Senior and Active adults. Tech Tuesdays is a weekly event where volunteers teach Senior citizens to use newer technology such as a phones, tablet, and GPS.

If you’d like to join in on the fun at the Thomas Lay Recreational Center, you can visit their website:


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