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Some people know very early on what they want to do with their lives. Alexander “Xander” Contreras is not one of those people. 

From Biology to Graphic Design to Theater, Alexander Contreras had no idea what he wanted to do with his life; to an extent he still doesn’t. However, it wasn’t until he volunteered for American Red Cross that he would finally find an academic passion he could pursue.

Alexander participating in a photoshoot for Elbert Ivory Models.

Trying to rack up volunteer hours at the age of 16, Alexander found himself at a table trying to get people to sign up to donate blood. Having fun was the last thing he expected to do while volunteering, but Alexander had an absolute blast. He thought it was amazing talking to people and convincing them through different method; it made Alexander realize how powerful words are, and how good he was at talking to people. He figured, why not make a career out of it?

Soon after, he switched to a communications studies major and fell in love. Earning his Associate’s Degree at 18 through dual enrollment, he transferred to the University of Georgia and pursued a career in Digital Broadcast Journalism. He currently studies at UGA’s esteemed Grady School of Journalism at the age of 19, training in Anchoring, Reporting, and Producing News Stories.

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Alexander performing a contemporary piece with his dance team UGA Asura.

In his spare time, Alexander does what no one would ever consider a journalist to do: dance. When he was 15, he went on a 3-day Disney Cruise and viewed the theatrical shows. It was there he fell in love. The dancers on stage, the adrenaline, the crowd cheering: he wanted to be apart of that. With no prior dance experience, he worked hard to make up for lost time and joined a hip hop dance team named SWAY at MGSC. Today, he performs with UGA Asura, competing across the country in states such as Texas, Illinois, California, Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia in a variety of different dance styles. 

Apart from journalism and dance, his hobbies include playing piano, cosplaying, modeling, studying Spanish, and any opportunities for friends and family outside his busy schedule. 

Alexander has no idea what the future holds, rather it be as a news anchor, a performer, or even something unrelated to the two. Until he finds out, he continues to work hard and never let his ambition waver. He’s always believed hard work pays off, and some day his efforts will come to fruition.

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