Don’t forget the Low-Income Families


The Athens Federation of Neighborhood wants to upgrade East Athens after locals brought up concerns during Monday night’s meeting.

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Members of the FON asked a panel of local officials about the plans to improve the local area. The meeting allowed East Athenians to speak on areas of their community that need the most improvement. Residents mentioned the need for better housing, more business development, and the Lexington corridor.

One East Athens native believes that beautification should not lead to gentrification for low-income residents. Resident and local business owner, Broderick Flanigan, thinks that some of the improvements mentioned in the meeting may cause low-income families to move to more affordable housing in surrounding counties.Athens GA Counties

Flanigan, an East Athens native, has noticed the change in neighborhoods since his adolescent years. He said there’s an increase in students and middle class families coming in but low-income families, like his mother, are being pushed out.

Flanigan just wants to make sure that everyone impacted by potential East Athens improvements are considered, from the rich to poor. He also hopes that local officials consider substitutes for low income families.

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