Local woman reuses computer parts to make art


Susie Burch has been painting for 20 years. She owns an art studio on North Chase Street where anyone can come to see her work. Burch decided to participate in the Form & Function Upcycling Art Show, which will take place at the ARTini Art Lounge on Sunday. The show starts at 1PM and Burch will be there to display her creation which she calls Windows on Safari.Susie Burch .00_00_37_48.Still001

The purpose of the art show is to create something new from old, reusable items. The event celebrates America Recycles Day, which is a national initiative to promote good recycling and sustainability practices.

Burch created Windows on Safari by painting flowers on a window frame and by using computer parts as the core of the flower.

Reusing old computer parts is not the only sustainable habit that Burch has. She also recycles and composts. Burch thinks that recycling is very beneficial and that it’s easy to do once you get started.

“It’s a good practice. It’s like flossing your teeth. It’s just something you don’t really want to do but if you get in the habit of doing it, it’s nothing. You don’t even think about.”


Burch also sells some of her artwork at her studio. If you are interested in seeing her work, you can schedule an appointment using the information below or take a look at her website.

Phone: 404 277 4957

Email: susieburchart@hotmail.com

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