‘No Shave November’ brings awareness to prostate, testicular cancer


One in seven men will get prostate cancer during his life, according to the American Cancer Society.

For Mayank Gandhi, that’s one man too many. He said he’s participating in ‘No Shave November,’ a campaign in which men forgo shaving for the 30 days of November, to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer.

“A lot of people don’t really acknowledge it as much as breast cancer, so I thought why not let people become more aware of it,” said Gandhi, a sophomore.

Since its inception, the campaign has raised more than $2 million for cancer-research organizations.

Brett Cox, a hair stylist at Republic Salon in downtown Athens, said he supports the month, even though it means a temporary loss of business.

“During when they’re growing [their beards] out, they always come to get shape ups, to get it trimmed to make sure it looks good,” he said. “Some people don’t care, they just grow it out, but most of the time, we do beard maintenance.”

Four fraternity members at University of Georgia are also pledging their support toward cancer awareness, but through an opposite campaign: shaving their heads.

“Everyone’s scared to look bald headed, but they’re doing it for a good cause, so it’s not too bad,” said Shayan Agha, secretary of Sigma Beta Rho.

To those going through cancer treatment, Sharma said it’s important to “realize that you’re not alone.”

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