Points in your Pocket


An app that has been on the rise throughout this semester, and particularly at the University of Georgia, is an app called Pocket Points. With Pocket Points, a student can turn on this app while in class and if they do not check their phone in a certain amount of time, the student receives a point.

When enough points are earned, the user can use their points to earn discounts at a handful
of Athens businesses that are supported by Pocket Points. These businesses include Pizza Pit, Insomnia Cookies,pp Mr. Mr. Cafe, Complete Nutrition, and even Bulldog Laundry.

Co-Owner of Mr. Mr. Cafe Don Shon, says that Pocket Points has definitely increased their foot traffic.

“Pocket Points is a great way to advertise and market ourselves,” says Don Shon. He continues by saying, “It’s not even the afternoon and we’ve already had people come in just because of Pocket Points.”

However, users have discovered ways to gain points without actually being in class. For instance, some students live close enough to campus that they can turn on Pocket Points at their house and earn points. Additionally, the Ramsey Student Center is labeled as an academic building, so users can turn on the app while working out there and also earn points.

For one business, who has asked to remain anonymous, says this is their main issue with Pocket Points.

“We were giving away so much free stuff…and we were like, this isn’t right…and then we realized through word of mouth that people would go in the gym and leave it on and gain points,” said the anonymous business employee.
Pocket Points’ representative from Athens, Kaitlyn Conner, assures us that they are working on this problem .

“It’s a brand new app so we’re constantly changing and developing it,” says Kaitlyn.

While this new app has certainly seen its setbacks, it’s still providing foot traffic and advertising for local businesses in Athens and everywhere else that it is. With over 5,000 downloads, the app is sure to attract students to these local businesses.

If you are a local business and would like to be a part of Pocket Points, you can contact Kaitlyn Conner at kmc2017@uga.edu. Any corporate business that would like to be a part of Pocket Points can visit www.pocketpoints.com to learn more.

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