Be aware of Seasonal Affective Disorder as winter approaches


By Morgan Ainslie

The current weather may be pleasant, but it is no doubt that this week the Athens area got a taste of winter. While some residents turned up the heat and brought out their winter sweater, some Athens residents prepared themselves for what cause the winter months to be long and depressing.Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 4.28.58 PM

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a disorder that associates depression with the autumn and winter months because the victim notices a lack of light and decreased temperatures.

Major symptom’s of Seasonal Affective Disorder include depression, loss of interest, and low energy during the winter months.

To read more on the topic, the Mayo Clinic has published their research on the subject and ways that patients are able to relieve their symptoms. Light therapy is a common treatment.

Local mental health advocates ensure victims feel a social change, but also it has biological factors that effect the body. Our biological clocks are adjusted by day light savings time that occurs in the late fall and winter. Melatonin is one of the main hormones affected by the change.

Activists say that this is not a disorder to take lightly. It can have serious consequences on victim’s lives.

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“Well I would recommend to people who have symptoms of SAD, to not ignore their symptoms this is a real problem.” said mental health activist and student Selin Odman. “It’s okay that you are feeling this way. I would definitely try to talk to your friends and your family and explain that the weather is affecting you that you are feeling this way; I would try to get some professional help. More importantly I would try to do things that really give you enjoyment in life.”



One thought on “Be aware of Seasonal Affective Disorder as winter approaches

  • Hey Morgan, nice piece on something that is a much bigger issue than people tend to care for. I don’t think the acronym does it any favours in that department but thats another story all together!

    Good on Selin Odman as well, expertly put. If only more people opened up and started taking the time to address the causes, and remedies, then we’d have less people clambering for anti depressants and all the negative side effects that they can cause. Unfortunately that route tends to be ride that you will struggle to get off.

    Excercise, sunshine and Vitamin D supplementation if you need it are the way to go everytime SAD rears its ugly chilly head!

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