UGA students participate in nationwide rally for Mizzou


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Fifteen minority organizations at the University are uniting to show their support for the University of Missouri after escalating racial tension saw the resignation of the University’s President and Chancellor.

Some students feel UGA fosters diversity better than Missouri, while others see the potential to become the “next Mizzou” all around them.

As their way of supporting a nationwide movement called #WeStandWithMizzou, dozens of minority students gathered at the Park Hall steps and Tate Plaza at the University of Georgia to film a “Word to Mizzou” motivational video.

Filmmaker Jamari Jordan, who directed the “Word to Mizzou” video, says he can relate to the protestors’ frustration.

“We know how they feel, we know it feels to be seven percent on campus; how it feels to be alone on campus, with no that many people that look like you.”

But there are also others who feel UGA could also be a hotbed for racism.

“I’m white and it’s too white for me”, said Francis Newton, a first semester transfer student.

Kyle Rehl feels uneasy as well, “I wouldn’t count it out, people I know are pretty racist.”

                             UGA-Mizzou Campus Comparison

Founded:                               1785                         1839

First Black Students:           1962                         1950

Total Enrollment:                35,197                    35,441

Black Student Population:    7%                            7%

White Student Population:  73%                         77%


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