A Greener Community For A Greener World


UGArdenThat’s the whole goal of special series of local events. They all start this week.

Students are gathering on East Campus every week for the month of April to celebrate the Earth and to learn how to make their community greener. UGA’s Housing Senior PR coordinator, Karrie Campbell, says these events help give students foresight on environmental issues.

Green on the Screen is a way for university housing to bring to light sustainability issues that we will all face in the future.”

UGA wants students to get down and dirty with this month’s celebration of earth day. The goal is to teach students in the community to use greener, more sustainable resources.

You usually do not see young girl students driving tractors around – but that is just one of the sights you would see at UGArden on South Milledge Road in Athens. Students, faculty and community volunteers are up before the crack of dawn to help provide primary labor to over four acres of fresh produce.

UGArden’s volunteer coordinator, Berea Antak says that the mission of UGArden is to build a community centered on a sustainable food system.

UGArden volunteers come weekly to learn how to grow fresh food and to give back to the community. They go through a daily process. The first step is to harvest the vegetable. The next step is to take this produce, and wash and sanitize it. After this vegetable is washed and cleaned, it can be enjoyed at UGA’s various sustainability events this month.

Small tasks students can take include turning off lights, recycling all paper and plastic products, and eating locally fresh products. These task may be small, but UGA believes they can amount to big changes.

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