UGA Equestrian Versus New Mexico V/O Lede and Script


By: Allie Bailey

Anchor Lede: The University of Georgia Equestrian Team just won their second home meet of the season. But the team proves it’s the people and the place that gives them the edge.


0-4.18 seconds: One thing’s for sure–The University of Georgia Equestrian Team isn’t horsing around.

4.18-7.26 seconds: Georgia has defeated New Mexico seventeen-to-two in their second official home meet of the season.

7.26-12.20 seconds: People of all ages came out for support. And the fans weren’t the only ones showing their spirit.

12.20-19.28 seconds: Both Georgia and New Mexico were getting loud and proud as their teammates competed in four separate events.

19.28-29.27 seconds: The teams braced the wind and even had to share the same horses. But that didn’t stop Georgia from cleaning up the competition.

29.27-34.24 seconds: Georgia plans to keep the momentum going as they compete against Texas A and M at an away meet in two weeks. Until then, this is Allie Bailey, Video Production.

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