The Times they are a’changing

By Mary Carol Butterfield, Lydia Cordero, Marli Collier, Nicholas Quartz and Connor Burks

Streamline format. The New York Times has a distinct format. Subscribers need to feel more comfortable navigating the website, which could include moving from a traditional paper appearance to a web friendly layout like the L.A. Times.

Increase consumer engagement. A well put together comment section will incentivize reader involvement. Though The New York Times‘ current model is successful, the more consumer engagement the Times can encourage, the better forum it will become.

Invest in smartphone technologies that make interface interactive. There are endless technologies journalists can employ to make their articles more engaging, from using video along with print to offering stories that appeal to a wider audience than the traditional news model. The International Black Market for Stolen Cell Phones shows the potential for multi-platform storytelling.

Promote a diverse staff. A more diverse staff will lead to more diverse stories, which in turn will appeal to a more diverse audience. People will get their news from sources that they feel represent them.

Prioritize in-sync platforms. From print to digital to social media, making each platform stronger and streamlined will allow The New York Times to appeal to their audience wherever the audience is getting their news.


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