Conner Burks

About Us

It started with a love of sports and books that slowly melded into one passion. Growing up watching sports since I can form memories, along with having an early appreciation for books created an interest in sports journalism from an early age.

I’m your run of the mill college student, enjoy hanging out with friends and relaxing when I’m not in class or running around doing something for class and extra cirriculars. Though something that I find special about the field I’m trying to enter is that what I like to do in my free time and a possible career overlap.

There’s nothing better to me than watching a sporting event with a finish so dramatic that not even the players and coaches themselves could predict, then being able to describe and explain it to other people, highlighting how things made for an exciting game.

With all these passions and interests I felt there was no better choice for me when deciding what to study in school than journalism with an emphasis in sports.

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