Kalah Mingo

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I wish I had an inspiring story about why I became a journalism major. Unfortunately, I don’t. Coming into my freshman year at the University of Georgia, I knew I had no interest in any STEM majors so that limited my choices. Somehow, I stumbled across public relations. That was my intended major until halfway through freshman year when I realized I didn’t even know what that meant. Then came journalism. Ever since middle school my teachers would gush about my writing skills so it seemed like the right fit. I applied to Grady College and it happened. I became a journalism major. I never had the burning desire to be a story teller. I didn’t have the urge to unveil the injustices of the world. I wasn’t a sports fan from a young age who wanted to write about their favorite athletes. I simply knew that I could write. Journalism became a part of my life by process of elimination. Inspiring, right?

Still, I don’t think it matters so much how one got somewhere as it does what they do once they get there. So, now as a third year journalism student who’s also pursuing a new media and entrepreneurship certificate, I’m making the most of my decision as a writer, editor, designer and creative director at InfUSion Magazine, a designer for The Chapel Bell and an intern at UGA’s College of Pharmacy public relations office.

For more about me, visit my website: kmingo.com

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