Lydia Cordero

About Us

Hi, I’m Lydia! I’m a student at the University of Georgia in my senior year, studying journalism and fashion merchandising. One day I hope to be a news anchor or any type of on-air personality. I interned at Thrive Youth Development where I wrote press releases, newsletters and blog posts for the organization’s website.

I have always loved writing and reading. I also love creating things. I like to crochet. It’s a relaxing activity that results in something tangible that I can wear or keep and just be proud that I made something. (I’m currently working on a blanket, but it’s still a scarf.)

I love my family, they are a big part of me and the way I am today. I love spending time with my grandparents and think that grandparents are so special and important to have in your life. Sometimes I go to their house and just sit and watch tv and chat with them. I have an older sister named Kayla, we are only 17 months apart so we are super close. We live with just our mom, so the three of us are very tight-knit. My sister also has a pit bull named Cesar (but I call him Neph). I take being a doggy aunt very seriously.

My family is from all over. My mom was born in England, but her parents are from Barbados. My love for travel started with this beautiful island. We would frequently go to vacation and visit family. A few years ago I got to go back to go on a missions trip where I taught a Vacation Bible School class at a small church.

My faith is a very big part of who I am. Since I was born I have attended a small church with other people who are from the Caribbean like us. Some of the people I grew up with at this church are still my best friends.

I also love fashion. I have a bit of an online shopping addiction and consider it therapy when I’m not feeling the best. My friends often call me for styling advice. Modeling is also a hobby of mine. I love to pose for pictures and try new trends, makeup and hair looks.

Something that makes me happy is makeup. My love for makeup got me a promotion from my cashier job to a beauty advisor at the department store that I work at. This is just a little about me! You can see more about me & my work here.

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