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A Fashion-Model-Turned-Hand-Model

A quick look into how Peyton Sketch went from modeling her favorite fashion trends to modeling your favorite Sharpie pens.

You’re interested now, aren’t you? Well, if you follow these steps Peyton has provided, then you can be on your way to perfect hands, too.

5 Easy Tips to Model-Ready Hands

Ever since she was a little girl, Peyton Sketch, 19, had the dream of becoming a fashion supermodel. When she got into her teenage years and gained a little bit of that middle-school-awkward-phase weight, her modeling agent suggested that she take a slightly different route in the industry- using her hands! While Peyton may have been skeptical at the idea of hand modeling in the beginning, with a little hand lotion and even some exercising, she has found new ways to love this unique opportunity.

Here are Peyton’s 5 Tips & Secrets to hand modeling:

(As illustrated by Joey Tribbiani from Friends)

1. Practice keeping your hands extremely still for as long as possible.

This may sound silly, but Peyton says it definitely takes practice. Your hands could be more shaky than you think. Do it right now- hold your hand out for 8 seconds and see how still you can make it. Are you ready to start sending in pictures to agents yet? No, keep reading.

2. Use protection!

Not that kind… get your mind out of the gutter! One of the most important tips to keep your hands camera-ready is to moisturize them. Keep your hands looking young by moisturizing your hands regularly. There is nothing more unappealing than dry, cracking hands in a picture. Peyton suggests Cetaphil hand lotion and to apply the lotion at least 7 times throughout the day.

3. No, you don’t have to wear gloves in the heat of the summer.

If you know you’ll be out in the sun for a long period of time, Peyton says you have to load up on sunscreen. Gloves are a bit unnecessary, though they are just as effective if that’s what your heart desires. Whichever you choose, keep in mind a sunburn can be difficult to cover up for a shoot and also leads to wrinkles on your hands over time. Choose wisely. 

4. Do some daily finger exercises to keep your hands in shape.

This is not a joke. Even typing on the computer can be considered “finger exercises!” Keep your hands and fingers moving during the day so that they’ll look long and lean in your modeling pictures.

5. Be open to the idea. 

Sure, it may sound like a weird gig at first, but so do many things in life. Follow these quick and easy tips, snap some model pics, and maybe you could be America’s Next Top Hand Model.


Macie Banks


Forget everything you’ve learned about how to hold a pen the right way, because there’s only THIS way.

Modeling a pen means perfecting the way you hold and pose the marker. Peyton shows us how to properly prepare your hand for its close-up.


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