Social Media For The Greater Good


There’s a lot to “like” about social media.

Social media is a growing tool that businesses are using to advance their company. Social Media in business is often used to promote sales, events and other business doings, however there are some companies who are using it for a greater purpose; to promote the heart of their company.

Dara Buckynsky, owner of Epiphany Boutique,  wishes to promote a special message to her consumer community through her social media.
The boutique gives a percentage of all sales to various charities. Buckynsky and her marketing team have worked hard to create a theme for their social media branding; bright and colorful high-quality images. “We’re not just selling clothes but the fact that you can have a positive impact in our community and in our world,” stated Buckynsky. Epiphany is present on several platforms but they angle their Instagram postings to the 18-25 age group and targeting their Facebook postings to an older crowd, something unique to be found in Athens downtown-shopping scene.

“You purchased something that is more than a shirt hanging in your closet, it’s making a difference in the world.”

Buckynsky’s goal is for consumers to see the “heart of the company” through their social media, which will then attract customers, not only for the merchandise, but to make a purchase that can have a positive impact.

But to Jan Kozak of 1000 Faces Coffee, social media is a way to educate and invite. Kozak, Owner and CEO of local Athens coffee roaster, runs his business’ social media single handedly. “I love doing it myself, I have fun with it,” stated Kozak. Through social media the 1000 Faces story is told, from educating on proper farmer relationships to presenting the quality and heart of the cup of coffee produced.  The 1000 Faces social media is there to encourage consumers to care about their coffee. The roaster prides itself on its relationships with the farmers they purchase from, ensuring customers that their coffee has been justly produced with care. Farmers in coffee growing regions are often treated poorly and unjustly paid, however 1000 Faces makes an effort to highlight their farmers in addition to treating them equally. The farmer and business relationship is so strong, that 1000 Faces even dedicates naming the coffee after the farm from which it is grown “From Mario Savio and Bell Hooks and Aldo Leopold and all those people who we named our coffee after, it is our origin and that activist approach is a part of who we are.” Kozak stated that 1000 Faces has a theme when it comes to social media. Facebook and Instagram are posted on 5-6 times a week, highlighting farms, staff and of course, a great cup of coffee. With the roaster being certified by the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America), Kozak worries that customers are sometimes overwhelmed by the technicalities of the coffee presented.”We’re very cognizant of specialty coffee being very e
xclusive and elitist, and that’s not what we’re about.”

“It is our origin and that activist approach is a part of who we are”

Therefore through social media, Kozak and the 1000 Faces company aim to promote inclusivity and bringing everyone into what they do; resist bad coffee.

Whether selling chic clothing or a good cup of coffee, social media is changing the game of promotion and advertising. Social media is a commonality between consumers and businesses. Businesses like Epiphany and 1000 Faces want to appear in your timeline with content that makes you want to get out, make a purchase and have a good feeling about it, knowing that you made a purchase that has a positive affect on the world.



By Allison Atkins

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