Eclipse Conspiracy Theorists Come out of the Woodwork


Just like how the moon blocked out the sun this Monday, solar eclipse conspiracy theorists blocked out years of science and had some alternative ideas about what was really happening in our solar system.

Many people believe the eclipse provokes paranormal activity that affects animals, ghosts, and even Lizardmen. Yes, the Lizardmen are always a threat to make an appearance during a shake up in the Earth-Moon alignment. The South Carolina Emergency Management Division  (SCEMD) tweeted a warning to their citizens two weeks prior to the eclipse.

“SCEMD does not know if Lizardmen become more active during a solar eclipse, but we advise residents of Lee and Sumter County to remain ever vigilant”

Another faction of conspiracy theorists believe all we have been taught is a lie and the Earth is actually flat. Since the announcement of the eclipse, the “Flat-Earth Truthers” have been active on their youtube channel Flat Earth Talk uploading theories on how the eclipse and the earth’s shape is a total hoax.

Those who believe the Earth is actually flat instead of a sphere proposed some thought provoking ideas questioning this cosmic event. They wonder, why shouldn’t someone look at the sun directly during the eclipse?

What does the sun have to hide?

How does an object, the sun in this case, casts a shadow that is smaller than itself?

It seems they flat-Earth truthers have forgotten that the sun is what is called a diffused light source emitting equal light intensity across its entire spherical surface. This type of light wave could not be recreated using any sort of flashlight or lantern in someone’s living room.

They believe the eclipse reinforces the idea that the earth actually is flat and the moon and sun take turns rotating around the earth’s hockey puck-shaped surface and will not believe otherwise.

Another eclipse conspiracy is that the solar eclipse will signal the arrival of aliens. The small town of Kelly, Kentucky claims that they have experienced paranormal activity before.  On August 21st, 1955, the small Kentucky town says they were visited by aliens.

According to the Washington Post, a few townspeople saw a silver and green light and strange green figures with small bodies and big heads. Ever since then, Kelly has held that day in 1955 as a special one. They hold a festival every year honoring their extraterrestrial visit. Conspiracy theorists claim that with the eclipse happening on the same day as the first sightings of aliens in Kelly, they will come back.

Conspiracy theorists also claim that a mysterious planet, Nibiru, a.k.a Planet X was visible during the solar eclipse. Nasa says that Planet X is nothing but a hoax. However, some believe that Nibiru could be seen during the eclipse and could possibly crash into the Earth.



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