UGA’s Texas Students Do Their Part in Aiding Harvey Relief


The state of Texas is one of the highest contributors to out-of-state students enrolled at the University of Georgia. According to the First-Year Class Profile from 2017, Texas is the top 10 home states for the current Freshman class, followed by Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee. With the wake of Hurricane Harvey, many of the students at UGA and their families have been greatly affected.

Charlotte Anne Boyd of Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority isn’t sitting back and letting her friends struggle. Instead, Boyd is taking initiative and raising money to aid the relief through the app Venmo. “I couldn’t just sit there and act like people weren’t suffering, I had to do something and incorporating that in my sorority seemed like the best option.” said Boyd. The student, now in her junior year, has close friends from Dallas, Austin, Houston and Galveston area. The money collected will be given to the Red Cross to aid in their efforts against this devastating storm.

Kappa Alpha Theta is just one of many sororities here at UGA who are pitching in to raise money for the victims in Texas.



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