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“A biologist? No. A geologist? Nope. A journalist? Sure, I’ll give it a shot” was my exact mindset approximately two years ago. Transferring schools and switching my major twice brought about a lot of change for me, but it was definitely a change for the better.

Always interested in science, I had a firm belief at the beginning of my college career that Biology was meant for me. Now, anything too broad in life just gets confusing and downright frustrating, and that’s what Biology became for me. It was overly inclusive, covered so many subject areas, and classes got to be pretty difficult even in the beginning stages. Attempting to somewhat “simplify” my life at this point, I switched my studies to Geology (which a ton of people think is just the study of rocks, but it’s a lot more complicated than that). Enjoying all of the things I was learning in Geology, and so enthused that I had finally found my niche, things once again began to go sideways.

Finally pursuing a path in journalism is something I should’ve done way longer than two years ago. Seriously, I’ve been writing my whole life. Oh, and not to mention I could talk to a brick wall. My creative outlet and form of expressing emotion has always been writing. Whether it’s in the form of poems, graphics, or merely a whole bunch of jumbled words on a page – it’s always intrigued me. Writing and communication doesn’t feel like homework, like something boring that I’d never use out in the real world after college…it’s something that holds so much meaning for so many people in so many ways. It’s a way of connecting us to people and things that we may have never expected. This whole world could not function without some form of communication, which is why I know that journalists are important.

Throughout my studies, the one thing that I am glad I stuck with, and really enjoyed, is Spanish. I have completed my Spanish minor here at UGA and had the incredible opportunity to study abroad in Seville, Spain in the summer of 2016. I 100% plan to use my Spanish-speaking skills alongside my journalism background to communicate and produce stories with foreign cultures. In my opinion, being able to immerse yourself in a culture other than your own is one of life’s richest offerings.

Recently driven particularly by video production, photojournalism, and social media marketing, I thoroughly enjoy what I am privileged to do in school every single day. I hope to procure a career in multiplatform video production, use my writing and photography skills at an impacting publication like National Geographic, or use my writing and analytics skills in digital marketing. Sure, it seems like now I have it all figured out…but these “sure” feelings I have didn’t come easy. How I see it is, whatever you’ve been doing the longest and whatever you’re good at – stick with it. Your gut feeling won’t let you down.

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