Final Project (WUGA Radio Station) – Jackie Long



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WUGA Radio Station, located inside of the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education Hotel on the corner of Lumpkin and Carlton Street, has a big job as they focus on engaging listeners and embracing the Holiday Season.

Voice Over:

WUGA begins its day early in the morning, as employees go on the air to talk about the weather and news updates.  There are many buttons to be pushed and run-downs to keep track of in order to keep on a timely schedule.

When the lights come on it is time to start the morning show.  Chris Shupe and Jessica McClellan greet their listeners and are sure to check the time and pace of the production to ensure being on schedule.

All of this is put on by the help of a lot of equipment.


In: “We’ve got our…

Out: …in this upcoming holiday season.”


In: “I just love it…

Out: …and all of the shopping.”


A good story takes a good script, and a lot of time and effort are put into creating the perfect holiday segment or special.


In: “Business and holidays…

Out: …what is it going to replace”


And it doesn’t stop there, the team has had a number of awards to recognize their professionalism and dedication to Athens’ listeners.  With each day comes countless stories and a sign-off until the next.

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Be sure to listen out on WUGA 97.1 for holiday stories on the local and national level.


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