Stress coming as finals near


Finals are starting next week and that means that the stress is coming too. Over 5,000 freshmen are feeling the pressure as they prepare for their very first college finals.

Laci Shaw is a freshman at the University of Georgia. She says she’s nervous for these first exams not only because they are so different from high school, but because of how much of her grade they are worth.

“My precal one is worth a huge portion. It’s like 40 percent which is crazy I feel like,” she says.

She says she feels that her professors have prepared her throughout the semester, so all that there is left to do is review.

A coordinator of health promotions at the Student Health Center says getting sleep in between studying for finals is crucial. She says that pulling all nighters doesn’t work as well as students may think. But there’s no limit to how long some students will study each day to make the grade they want.


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