Mother accepts the worst


No one wants to live in a rough neighborhood. It’s even worse when you are forced to live there because you need to provide housing for your 1 year old son.

Rhonda Turner, single mother, lives in Glennwood which is known for robberies and other crimes.

As Rhonda returns to the apartment from a 20 minute shopping trip, there is an obvious bend in the deadbolt. Someone has tried to break into their apartment again. She picks up her child and walks inside because she has no other option but hope the assailants don’t return.

“I can only pray to God and keep faith that He will watch over this apartment. I didn’t ask for this and I don’t think it’s fair for my child.”

Despite adding more locks to her door, Rhonda has see an increase in attempts to rob her apartment.

She didn’t call the police because she said that she knows this will never change and can only trust in God.



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