Students hope for more diversity on campus


Students at the University of Georgia have mixed opinions on whether or not the school has made progress in making the university more diverse. The University of Georgia’s freshman class broke records for being the most diverse in UGA history and the most academically qualified class, according to the university.

As of 2015, six percent of the freshman class is Hispanic, eight percent are African-American, and thirty percent identify as something other than Caucasian.

“I definitely think that it’s great that it’s growing but it could be better. Just the fact that only seven percent of the student body is African-American, that makes me sad”, said member of the Persian Student Union, Arezou Taeed.

Some members of the freshman class disagree. Jessica Johnson is surprised by the amount of diversity she sees on campus and within her class, describing it as a “culture shock”.

There are multiple opportunities on campus through the multicultural office for minorities to get plugged in.

The Office of Institutional Diversity had no comment on the measures they take to diversify the university.

Five Seventy News 10/13/2015 – Diversity Report from Ariel Pinsky on Vimeo.


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