Ariel Pinsky

About Us

My mother came to America from Israel fresh out of the army at the age of 23 to fulfill her dreams of becoming a broadway dancer. Without a degree or family to rely on, she lived and worked on every island in New York until she finally made enough money to settle in one spot. Today, muc12038116_1003084076378621_4701065191248331247_nh more financially secure than she was then, she continues to work three jobs and refuses to give up her passion for dance.

Just like my mother, hard work is in my nature. Why settle for a B when I can get an A? For mediocrity when I can strive for excellence? This is the mentality that drove me to become valedictorian of my high school, to tutor advanced physics, to accept the Phi Beta Kappa book award, to letter in two varsity sports, and to be offered several scholarships for SEC schools by the end of my senior year. This is the mentality that drove me to work every summer since I was 10, either as a camp counselor, waitress, or intern. This mentality also led me to achieve a 4.0 GPA thus far at UGA with two majors, a 30-hour certificate, and a minor.

A bilingual citizen of both the US and Israel, I hold a unique perspective as I straddle the line between American and foreigner. I spent this summer attending the Cannes Film Festival and studying in the south of France, absorbing a culture I previously knew nothing about and meeting industry professionals from all over the world. This is my passion–meeting new people, hearing stories, and then communicating what I learn to the people at home. I started this mission as a reporter for the Atlanta Jewish Times and I plan to continue it throughout my career. Though I may not work three jobs, I am committed to pursuing my passion and working hard–like my mother.

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