Joe Ali

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IMG_4148Growing up with his older brother Antonio, Joe truly learned what it means to be a passionate sports fan. Seeing his brother literally throw up after crucial Atlanta Braves playoff loses, Joe learned the high ups and the very low downs early in life of what it takes to be a fan. Although seeing a loss from his favorite teams didn’t take the physical toll on Joe as it did his brother, it toke more of a mental toll. (Growing up an ATL sports fan is a tough life)

Being a passionate sports fan doesn’t necessarily qualify you to be a sports journalist. Having a love for the game is simply not enough, you have to have a love for the media aspect as well. Enrolling in courses such as Sports Broadcasting, taught by famous sports broadcaster Bob Neal I am constantly reminded of this everyday. He says to be successful in this business “you have to immerse yourself in the topic.” There is no half assing. If you really want something in life, you have to go at it full speed. If not, you simply will not succeed.

Keeping this mindset, Joe continues to pursue his passion in sports media serving as the lead writer covering the Atlanta Falcons for, as well as a sports contributor for UGA Elite.

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