Georgia Car Fatalities on the Rise


Georgia is looking at an increase in car fatalities for the first time in 9 years. According to the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), as of October 20th there have been 1,070 deaths on Georgia roadways. Last year at this time, there had only been 944 deaths. GDOT claims that if this rate continues, we’ll be seeing over 1,200 roadway deaths this year.

As shown in this chart, this will be the first time Georgia has peaked 1,200 car-related deaths since 2011:

Year 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Totals 1,505 1,298 1,250 1,236 1,199 1,189 1,169

This increase has affected Athens-Clarke County (ACC) as well.  Lieutenant Don Eckert from the Athens Clarke County Police Department says that this year ACC has seen 12 car-related deaths, opposed to 9 last year. Eckert also explains he’s unsure why roadway deaths are on the rise. General causes of car crashes are  talking on the phone, texting, adjusting the radio, using the GPS, putting on makeup, eating, or daydreaming while behind the wheel.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that teenagers have the highest crash rate among all drivers. Appropriate for National Teen Drivers Safety Week, NHTSA encourages parents to talk more with their driving teens about road safety in an effort to prevent crashes.

GDOT is making an effort to reduce car fatalities with its Drive Alert Arrive Alive Campaign. The campaign has participants take a pledge to buckle up, not to text and drive, and stay alert overall while behind the wheel.

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