UGA Chew Crew Tackles the Problem of Invasive Plants Species


Two sites on the University of Georgia Campus, Tanyard Creek and Driftmier Woods, are overrun run with non-native plants species that could threaten the health of their ecosystem. The UGA Chew Crew addresses this problem with an interesting approach. The method is called prescribed grazing, which uses livestock to eliminate invasive plant species from a non-native habitat. Members of the UGA Chew Crew use goats to deter the spread of these foreign species at Tanyard Creek and Driftmier Woods. Reporter Zachary Huberty explains to you where the group is in the fight against invasive plant species.


Invasive species usually compete with no other organisms in an ecosystem. The lack of natural competition makes the foreign plants especially dangerous because it allows them to spread with no obstacles to their expanPIC_0368.00_00_08_58.Still001sion. If the species continue to spreadely, the native population will diminish due to the overwhelming presence of foreign species, thus reducing the biodiversity of the ecosystem. Ultimately, they will eventually overpopulate the ecosystem and will leave native plants with little resources needed to flourish




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