Local Athletes Put Major Injuries Into Perspective


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By Jane Mo

Nick Chubb’s recent injury reminds local athletes the importance of proper preparation before taking the field.

The running back’s injury hit Clarke Central High School’s football team on a more personal level.

Clarke Central’s running back, Ja’Quarus Grant, suffered from a concussion and is now dealing with a hurt ankle. Although the concussion happened a month ago, Ja’Quarus was not cleared to play weeks after.

“A week after, I kept getting headaches every day in the mornings when I would wake up. Sometimes in the middle of school, I would get headaches but then as the weeks went by, it stopped hurting. I still didn’t get cleared though,” said Ja’Quarus.

The event made the school’s trainer emphasize on the simple yet overlooked rule in playing sports.

“Play whistle to whistle. Play smart. Listen to your coaches, and play clean”

Competitive athletes are not the only group that should remember this golden rule. The University of Georgia’s Intramural Sports leagues draw students that look for a more relaxed and fun team sports experience. However, intramural athletes are not exceptions to these injuries. Senior Drew McCartney suffered from a dislocated shoulder while playing flag football. After surgery and six months of recovery, Drew is back on the IM fields but with a different outlook on intramural games.

“It’s just IM sports, so maybe I shouldn’t dive for every flag,” said Drew.

Whether sports is for fun or for competition, most injuries can be avoided by playing within the rules.


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