Medical Amnesty Law to Play a Role in St. Simons


Implemented last spring, Georgia’s Medical Amnesty Law will make a difference for University of Georgia students who make the trek down to Saint Simons Island for the first part of Georgia-Florida weekend.

The law provides protection from arrest for those who require medical attention when police arrive at the scene. As a result, police encountering UGA students who might be overindulging on Friday at “Frat Beach” must ensure that they receive proper medical attention instead of arresting them right away.

“I think the amnesty law will probably come into play this weekend, whether the students know the law is there for them or not” said UGA student and downtown Athens bartender Cameron Gazaway. Having witnessed alcohol poisoning up close at his job, Gazaway hopes the amnesty law helps during the “complete craziness” of the beach day.

Kelly Truesdell, a UGA Health Center counselor, stresses the importance of “knowing your limits” to students traveling to the beach.Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 5.40.47 PM

And Gazaway wants his fellow classmates to still rely on the police in case of emergency. “If something goes wrong… or if anybody consumes too much alcohol or needs help… contact law enforcement. They’re there to help us, and it could save lives,” he said.

The safety of all beachgoers on Friday is a top priority, and Georgia’s Medical Amnesty Law will allow the police force that is present to help maintain everyone’s wellbeing.

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