Election Tuesday in Northeast Georgia


Dust off the voting booths, put out some signs and pray that there isn’t another re-count. This Tuesday is Election Tuesday, and local candidates are awaiting the results.

One of those candidates is George Chandler, who is running for mayor of Winterville. Also aiming to become mayor are Dodd Ferrelle and Kenny Hodges. The three candidates are running on positions such as a new town auditorium, improvements to the local high school, and renovations to a local park. Most empty political positions around Athens have only one or two candidates running, but this is one of the rare cases that have three candidates with their eyes on the mayor seat.




Bogart Mayor Terri Glenn is running unopposed this cycle, but she had some advice for those that are running.

“Get to know the people,” Glenn said. “You are there for the people…you aren’t going to know how they really feel unless you interact with them.”

Unlike others, the elections in Winterville are determined by a plurality vote which means that the candidate with the greatest number of votes wins. Early voting in downtown Athens will last through Friday the 30th.

Other local elections for mayor include two spots in Oglethorpe County: Richard Berry and Ronald Boggs are running for the spot in Lexington, and Collette Thompson and James Coile are shooting for the seat in Crawford.

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