The new GA-FL rivalry


Frame-29-10-2015-05-51-09 UGA MiracleThis Saturday will be the 94th time that Georgia and Florida face each other on the field, but this year there is a new rivalry off the field. UGA Miracle and Dance Marathon UF are competing against each other to see which organization can raise the most money towards their respective Children’s Healthcare Networks.

“The Georgia-Florida rivalry weekend tends to get a lot of negative attention, which isn’t totally representative of the student body at Georgia or Florida,” said Executive Director of UGA Miracle Izabella Zucker. “We thought what a great opportunity to expose the positive impact that students are making, so we decided to play into the SEC rivalry and do a fund raising competition.”

The Rivalry Week began Monday, Oct. 26th and runs to Saturday, Oct. 31st. One of the most interesting events happened on Tuesday. UGA Miracle members invited the community to Memorial Hall for the Beat Florida Car Smash. Participants donated money to UGA Miracle so they could take swings at an orange and blue car with a hammer.

UGA Miracle is also using social media to promote the cause. The organization released a 2:35 minute video three days ago to promote the fundraiser. There is also a Twitter hashtag #stompthechomp.

This Saturday one of the Miracle families will be featured at the first timeout in the first quarter of the football game. The winner of the rivalry will be announced Nov. 2nd. As of today, UGA Miracle has raised over $25,000.

If you would like to donate to UGA Miracle, you can do so by visiting You can also donate to Dance Marathon UF by visiting

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