New Athens Coffee Shops


lsBy: Cameron Martinez
Students looking for that perfect spot to cram for an exam, push through the last few pages of that paper, or just to look over notes from the day’s lesson often have to compete with students for quiet spaces. Go-to spots such as Tate and MLC are often packed with students, especially on exam weeks. Student Phillip Jones says that university study areas can be distracting.

“I tried studying at the MLC, but every time I do go there I get frustrated and leave and study at home.”

With competition for quiet spots so high, many students are looking to Athens Businesses in order to study. New local Coffee shops, such as Mr. Mr, are more than happy to comply. Scott Long, the co-owner of MR. MR, says that students are the shop’s main clientele.

“We wanted to have a friendly atmosphere, the music the lighting, everything. we wanna make sure its catered to the students.”

Students like Christian Kramer use this type of coffee shop specifically for studying.

“I really like this place because its always really relaxing and laid back, its good for studying.”

Athens businesses catering to student needs is nothing new. Many Athens bars, restaurants, and shops often make a majority of their profit on the student market. These goods and services usually are provided by the university, but are outsourced to Athens businesses. Even something as basic as a quiet place to study, which is usually provided by the university, is now being outsourced as well.

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