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Walking out of a local pizza shop in downtown Athens this spring, Natalie ran into Arthur. Immediately, she noticed his different color eyes- one an aquamarine sphere, the other a hazel abode. His hair fell in curls that women would envy and his voice was rustic, deep, worn like the leather jacket that graced his shoulders. After a few minutes of small talk Natalie began to talk to Arthur about his greatest accomplishment. “Severely [messing] up my life and putting it back together,” Arthur said. “that’s my greatest accomplishment.” She then asked him what made him realize that there was more to life, what brought him up from the bottom – his response left her speechless.

“Theres plenty of time to be dead but not a lot of time to be alive.”

The conversation soon ended but his quote lingered throughout her mind. Plenty of time to be dead, but not a lot of time to be alive. Although she don’t know exactly where his rock bottom was, it hooked Natalie’s heart.

Talking to people, hearing their stories, and listening to their adventures quenches Natalie’s thirst for the world. Pursuing digital broadcast at The University of Georgia, Natalie feels most alive when talking to other people. Because once you talk to a stranger, they are no longer a stranger- and that captivates her curiosity.

People are her passion.

Natalie in downtown Athens for Cheeky Peach

When she’s not editing stories for her Vimeo, Natalie is the creative director for a local boutique. Natalie plays an integral role in marketing, creative, communications, and the digital department at Cheeky Peach.

Natalie also writes for the sports department of The Red & Black. Her passion for sports isn’t limited to sports writing, as she serves on the executive committee as the public relations coordinator for The University of Georgia’s football recruiting organization.

This fall, Consume Media hired Natalie as one of their personal assistants. Natalie is involved with filming, editing, and producing content for the media production company. Recently, she helped to launch new blog, which includes leading interviews, recording video, and cultivating new blog posts.

Natalie faces graduation in May but she doesn’t worry about the future because as long as there are people on earth, there are stories to be told.

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