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I needed Bowen, SKone more elective. I can’t sing, so I couldn’t join chorus. I can’t paint, so I couldn’t take art. I already had my physical education course, so I didn’t need that. The only other elective course offered in my small town high school left was broadcast news. “Broadcast news it is I guess,” thought ninth grade me. I walked into the broadcast news classroom on the first day completely out of my comfort zone and it especially did not help that I did not know anyone the class. What ninth grade me didn’t know was that this class sparked an unknown love for communicating and has set me on the career path I am on today.

Fast forward a few years and I am now a student at the University of Georgia pursuing Digital & Broadcast Journalism, Marketing, and a Sports Media Certificate.

On campus I serve as the executive vice president of Alpha Delta Pi. This position offers me the opportunity to practice communications skills.

Outside of school, you can find me working at in the second floor of Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall. I work as a student assistant for the University of Georgia’s Sports Communications. It offers me the chance to meet and write articles about UGA’s athlete. It also offers the unique experience to work on the other side of the media.

I know I want to be a communicator. It started with my ninth grade broadcast news class. The sports communications job, classes, professors, mentors, and an internship on Capitol Hill have all influenced me along the way. We’ll see what type of communicator I decide to be.

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