Teman Worku

About Us

A young girl born in what was once known as “The Poorest Country in the World” grows up to travel the world, meet renowned journalist and even be in the presence of world leaders. 227888_2067900856606_1781323_nShe is a self-defined as a news junkie and citizen of the world.

Teman was born in Ethiopia in country’s capital, Addis Ababa to Alameyhu Muzu and Senait Belayneh. Teman’s family history in Ethiopia stems as far back as the rule of Queen Sheba. Her parents left their family and everything they knew when they received a visa lottery to move to America. They wanted to give Teman and her sister every opportunity in the world and they knew they couldn’t do so in Ethiopia. Teman credits her passion and spirit to her birth place and the amazing man and woman who raised her.

Teman is 22 and the opportunities seem endless. She decided four years of college would not be enough and returned for a full fifth year at the University of Georgia. In this time she has seized every opportunity that has come her way. Teman has been able to meet amazing individuals such as Charlayne Hunter-Gault and Wolf Blitzer and be in the presence of Pope Francis and the Crown King of Morocco, Mohammed VI.

It isn’t so much the love of journalism that drives Teman, it’s the search of truth and meaning behind the human spirit. It’s the power to tell one person’s story and experience on this Earth that lead her to journalism. To find a way share the human experience, too.

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