Early Impressions of New Apple Update


iPhones are becoming the all-purpose device, and Apple launched a new update that takes the smartphone to a new level. The update added a Night Shift option. This allows users to adjust the lighting of their touchscreen to reduce the amount of blue light given off by the phone. This adjustment is said to slow the release of melatonin in hopes of directly influencing sleep cycles. apple img

The update, iOS 9.3, was released last week. Some users are happy to see something that directly influences their lives. Night Shift user Hannah Sciotto uses her iPhone before bed. Since the release of the new update, Sciotto says she can tell a difference in the way her eyes adjust to falling asleep after looking at her phone.

However, with updates come trouble. The release of the update came with plenty of problems for users, but Apple Support helped with individual cases via Twitter. Apple also released the update on iTunes for older versions of the iPhone and iPad.

With time, Apple hopes to see greater results from the update. Simply Mac Sales Representative Austin Macdowell says scientifically this update should help users sleep better.




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