University of Georgia’s Humans vs. Zombies


Zombies are roaming the University of Georgia campus this week, trying to eliminate student humans. University of Georgia’s Humans vs. Zombie game is a yearly tradition, which brings over a hundred of students together to play the game.

The game objective is to shoot NERF guns, at the designated student zombies.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 4.35.35 PMThe games plot scenario, is that campus has been taken over by an evil company called Phantom Laboratories. The company is testing a pheromone product on humans, and if humans take the pheromone, they become viscous.

The students participating in the game, not only are members for fun, but to make new friends. University of Georgia’s Humans vs. Zombies President, Haley Baggerley stated, “I joined Humans vs. Zombies my freshman year of college, so I could meet new friends. This week long game has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, and meet friends that I would not have originally. That is why I am president of this organization my senior year, because it means so much to me.”

The students participating in this weeklong game use a Facebook page to stay in contact with each other all hours of the day.

The game has brought students that would not normally meet on UGA’s thirty thousand person campus, to meet. University of Georgia’s theatre student, Anthony Ghgliargi said, “I have met people that are economic majors, biology majors and theatre majors, and all kinds of people. This game is a really cool way of getting people from a lot of different places, together.”

The rules of the game, is a lot like touch football. A zombie can turn a human into a zombie with a two-handed tag. After a tag, a human player turns into a zombie.

University of Georgia Humans vs. Zombies player’s will be running around campus, until the end of this week.

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