Bear Hollow Zoo Owls


704420521Athens is the home of many rescued animals. Bear Hollow Zoo is a local Athens zoo that is home to more than just bears. It is also a home for Owls.
Some owls in this zoo have lost body parts and couldn’t fend for themselves if let loose. Bear Hollow gets owls from the University of Georgia’s Veterinarian School after they are deemed not releasable back into the wild. Bear Hollow Zoo visitors have heard some crazy stories in their time visiting the zoo.


“There actually is a story that has do with this place. There used to be a Barn Owl and someone stole it. I think they thought it was in captivity, but all the animals here were actually rescued,” said Asher Fairchild, a Bear Hollow Zoo visitor.


The owls are just one piece of Bear Hollow Zoo, but they certainly have many unique stories behind them



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