Heels for a Cause

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Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 4.29.05 PMCommunity members gathered together for a mile-long walk to raise awareness to victims of domestic violence. The difference between this walk and others is that the participants were in heels…and not for a fashion statement.

The sorority Sigma Sigma Rho held their 4th annual “Heel the Soul Walk” to represent the painful shoes victims of domestic violence have to walk in every day. Members of the community took a stand to raise awareness in an effort to shine light on resources provided to victims of domestic violence.

According to the Georgia Fatality Review, 15% of domestic violence victims take shelter in safe houses. “Heel the Soul Walk” collaborated with Peace Place, Inc.– an emergency shelter and domestic violence program– to increase the percentage of victims that receive help from safe haven initiatives.

This event welcomes all community members to take part in healing the souls of victims of domestic violence.

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